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Bail Bonds in Pasadena Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds in Pasadena

Knowing the Booking and Release process and how it works can help you avoid mistakes

whether a person has been arrested for Domestic Violence, DUI, Possession or any other charges the process for the defendant is the same. The person taken into custody by the Bail Bonds in Pasadena Police or Sheriff’s Department will be will be transferred to the local detention center and will be kept there until their first court date called the “Arraignment.” This will be held at the local court house. Bonds are allowed to be posted in any county jail facility 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

How does bail work in Los Angeles County, CA?

Before a bond is turned in and accepted, the arrestee must pass a background check through “Live Scan”, which is a machine that is linked to a county, state and national database. That database will notify the authorities of any possible holds, warrants, or aliases that might prevent release or increase the total bond amount of an arrestee. Once the results of the Live Scan come back from the various government agencies, that person is then “cleared”. At this time, a jailer will now give full bail information and review and accept a Bond for an arrestee and begin to release them on the Bond. ( note this process takes 4-6 hrs. to be complete just because one gets finger printed does not mean it’s done that’s just the beginning.)

From the time a Bond is posted “turned in”, it takes between 4-8 hours for a release depending on the detention center. Release times do vary based on the workload of the jail’s staff. Once out, a person will need to complete his or her part of the paper work with us take a picture, and make sure to show up to each and every court date thereafter.

Bail Bonds in Pasadena

Bail Bonds in Pasadena

How we operate

Bail Bonds in Pasadena

Bail Bonds in Pasadena available 24 hours a day unlike some other bail bond companies such as Aladdin bail bonds or bail hotline bail bonds that forward their phone lines at night to another location a Bail Bonds in Pasadena bail agent is always standing by even early in the night to assist you with you bail bond needs in Los Angeles county, CA. Bail Bonds in Pasadena will help your family with the bail bonds process for the local Jail. Our bail agents will work diligently to help your family come together. We offer discount bail bonds for Union Members or for clients already represented by a private criminal defense attorney. To post a bail bond at the local Detention Center, you must first contact a licensed California Bail Bond Agent. If you need immediate inmate information call 855-798-1744 to speak with a licensed Bail Agent. Compare us to Bail Hotline or Aladdin.

We offer 24 hour mobile bail services for los angeles County and surrounding areas. There is no need for you to leave the comforts of your home. Our bail agents will handle everything.

We are a small Family owned business so we can relate to our clients and their custom financial payment plans unlike other larger corporations such as Aladdin bail bonds, Bail Hotline Bail Bonds, Faustus bail bonds or Apollo bail bonds.

What are the different types of Bail?

Below is a list of the variety of Bail that is accepted

CASH BOND/BAIL For you to be released on cash bail, a person must post with the court the total amount of the bail, in cash, to secure his/her return to court on an appointed date, and thereafter until the case is finished. Full cash bonds are an incentive for defendants to appear at trial. If the defendant appears for his/her court appearances, the cash will be returned to him/her within 60-90 days minus court fees that may have been ordered. However, he/she fails to appear, the cash bond is forfeited to the court! In addition a WARRANT is still put out for their arrest.


The alternative to cash bail is the posting of a surety bond which is also known as a bail bond. This process involves a contractual undertaking guaranteed by an admitted insurance company having adequate assets to satisfy the face value of the bond this process is not just Bail Bonds in Pasadena it is the same for any bail bond company such as Bail Hotline bail bonds of Faustos bail bonds or about time bail bonds or Aladdin bail bonds. Bail Bonds in Pasadena, guarantees to the court that they will pay the bond forfeiture if a defendant fails to appear for the designated court appearances.

For this service, the defendant is charged a premium. To be released by posting a bail bond, the defendant or a relative or a friend, will usually contact Bail Bonds in Pasadena, Inc, an agency licensed by the State of California to post bail bonds. Before a bond is posted, we will interview the proposed guarantor of the bail bond, as well as the defendant and relatives of the defendant, as part of the approval procedure for the bond.

By involving family and friends, as well through the acceptance of collateral, Bail Bonds in Pasadena can be assured the defendant being released on a bail bond will appear at his/her designated court date, as required, until the case is completed.

Once an agreement is made, we will complete the application and post the bail bond for the full amount of the bail to guarantee the defendant’s return to court.

Once a defendant is released on a bail bond posted by Bail Bonds in Pasadena they will meet with an agent to be interviewed and go over the terms and conditions of bail Just like you would with Aladdin bail bonds or Bail Hotline Bail bonds. Just like like any other bail bonds such as aladdin bail bonds or bail hotline bail bonds and apollo bail bonds, we strive to make this process as simple as possible yet what separates us is you will have only one person to deal with for the whole process and never have to deal with another agent. All we ask is for defendants to communicate and be courteous. We offer the comfort of not being in jail while your case is adjudicated!

PROPERTY BOND Depending on the court jurisdiction an individual may obtain release from custody by posting a property bond with the court. Here a court records a lien on property, to secure the bail amount if the property meets the requirements of being paid off having no other leans against it and valued at two and half times the bail for the defendant. If the defendant fails to appear in court of his/her designated date, the court may start foreclosure proceedings against the property to obtain the forfeited bail amount. Which means you will LOOSE your HOME

1 % Down Bail Bonds

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1 % bail bonds

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When you have not money down and finances are tight due to rent just being paid its not the end of the road based on APC. Here we understand sometimes it is hard and we can not guarantee we are the best, but we can guarantee we give it the best attention each case deserves because you matter.

1% bail bonds

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1% Bail Bonds

With 1 % bail bonds and other great financial programs such as payment plan bail bonds and 2 % down bail bonds. Your family or friends should never spend the night in a county jail due to insufficient funds.

2% bail bonds

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2% Bail Bonds

Need out fast? We can show you how to bail someone out of jail with little money today. We’re a trustworthy and understanding company willing to work with the money you have now.

2 % bail bonds

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2 % Bail Bonds

The 2 % bail bonds option is a great fit for many families and individuals alike. This allows and individual to but 2 % down payment and depending on discounts we can see if they qualify. This will  significantly lower the payments on monthly end to fit their financial budget. So call today for 2% bail bonds.

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