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Socal bail bonds are a fully licensed to do bail bonds in San Bernardino call today. socal bail bond agents are standing by to post bail bonds in Riverside.

Booking and Release process knowing how it works can help you avoid mistakes.

Whether a person has been arrested for Domestic Violence, DUI, Possession or any other charges the process for the defendant is the same. The person taken into custody by the Riverside Police or Sheriff’s Department will be will be transferred to the Robert Presley detention center located at 4000 orange st in Riverside, CA and will be kept there until their first court date called the “Arraignment.”.

How does bail work at the  Detention Center in San Bernardino,CA?

Before a bond is turned in and accepted, the arrestee must pass a background check t

From the time a Bond is posted “turned in”, it takes between 4-8 hours for a release depending on the detention center. Release times do vary based on the workload of the jail’s staff as well. Once out, a person will need to complete his or her part of the paper work with us.

Posting Bail Bonds In San Bernardino

Socal bail bonds are available 24 hours a day unlike some other bail bond companies. such as Aladdin bail bonds or bail hotline bail bonds that froward their phone lines at night to another location. Here local Socal bail bonds bail agent is always standing by even early in the night to assist you with you bail bond needs in San Bernardino,Ca. Socal  Bail Bonds will help your family with the bail bonds process for the  Jail. Our bail agents. will work diligently to help your family come together. We offer discount bail bonds for Union Members or for clients already represented by a private criminal defense attorney. To post a bail bond at the riverside Detention Center, you must first contact a licensed California Bail Bond Agent.
We offer 24 hour mobile bail services for Riverside County and surrounding areas. There is no need for you to leave the comforts of your home. Our bail agents will handle everything.

We are a small Family owned business so we can relate to are clients and their custom financial payment plans unlike other larger corporations.




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