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SoCal Bail Bonds started in riverside but has grown in California, and helped families in California with are 2%, 1% and 0% down payment option. We are fast and open  24/7.

Has someone been arrested and as a result you looking a Riverside Bail Bonds? Well if so then you have come to the RIGHT PLACE! Since we open SoCal Bail Bonds provides Riverside, Ca with a wide variety of payment options. In Riverside these will ranging from 0% down OAC and collateral. 1% on OAC as well as  2% with a co signer or OAC. In fact, we have a licensed California Bail Bond Agent and have offices throughout Riverside , Moreno Valley and all of Riverside County. From Temecula to Riverside SoCal Bail Bonds service all of  Riverside California. As the HOME of the 2% BAIL BONDS in Riverside,CA , SoCal Bail Bonds always brings amazing customer service with flexible payment options such as 1% when it comes to Riverside Bail Bonds service.

Bail Bonds

How does bail bonds work
Learn the booking and release process and how it works can help you avoid mistakes. Arrested for Domestic Violence, DUI, Possession or anything else the process is the same. They will be taken into custody by the Police or Sheriff’s Department will be will be transferred to the local detention center and will be kept there until their first court date.” This will be held at the local court house.

Before I can turn a bond in and accepted, a background check through county, state and national database. This shows the authorities if any holds, warrants, or aliases that might prevent release or increase the total bond amount of an inmate. Once the results come back from the various agencies, that person is then “cleared”. Now a jailer will now give full bail information and review and accept a Bond for an inmate and begin to release them on the Bond.


2 % bail bonds fits for many individuals alike in Riverside,Ca. This allows and individual to but 2 % down payment and depending on discounts we can see if they qualify. This will  significantly lower the payments on monthly end to fit their financial budget. So call today for 2% bail bonds in Riverside may be your option.


With 1 % bail bonds and other great financial programs such as payment plan bail bonds and 2 % down bail bonds. Your family or friends should never spend the night in Riverside county jail due to insufficient funds.


0% Bail Bonds is based on credit and job stability not every one can qualify for this payment option but can be useful.


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